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"How Would You Like to Have a Mind/Body/Nutrition Coaching Program Delivered-to-You, that’s Completely Fun, Supportive, Personalized… AND Will End Up Making You Look & Feel 10 Years Younger?"

Here's your chance to get in on the same proven advice I only give my private, one-on-one coaching students..

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  • My SECRET WEAPON Insider Information to ensure that you get to wear that Hot Little Dress that's been hanging in the back of your closet – within just 3 SHORT MONTHS.
  • My top techniques to help you make 2008 your year to FINALLY achieve your ultimate body, including...
    • my best grocery shopping strategies that have proven to skyrocket my clients' nutrition and fitness success and will have you thinking differently about the way you shop for you groceries
    • my 2 best nutrition strategies that will immediately allow you to focus on charting exactly where you are in YOUR progress
    • the 4 best PROVEN Foundation Workouts that I see completely transform my students' bodies AND minds, once they add them to their Plan.

IF you’re struggling with losing that last 10, 20 or even 50 pounds… IF you find that your nutritional yo-yo roller coaster ride (one day is fine, next you lose it) is just not cutting it… IF your mindset just doesn’t support what YOU truly want for YOU… and IF you have always wanted to have a workout buddy to keep you on track and accountable…


I UNDERSTAND exactly those struggles, as I was there myself.  You know that 20-30 pounds that you know you want to release, but is stubborn and just has a way of “hanging on.”    You see just over one year ago, I made the decision that changed my MIND, my BODY and my LIFE!!

Lisa fat

January 2007

That DECISION, along with the fitness and nutrition training and education I have developed over the last 20 years, brought me to where I am today…

An Award Winning Figure Competitor –
At ages 44 & 45!

So I’m sure you’re asking yourself what qualifies me to help you reach your ultimate “personal best?”

I’ve been teaching, coaching and helping women for over 20 years. I majored in Exercise Physiology at Portland State University, but back then things were different.  Very different.  The same “rules” that applied to exercise and nutrition back then, simply don’t apply any longer. Newly developed research has proven this over and over again.

Remember when they used to tell you to that the only way to get lean was to do cardio – lot’s of it?  Well, we know better now – increasing your lean muscle mass makes you a fat burning machine!

Lisa trim

10 weeks after I changed my life!

Remember the 900 calories diets?   That is the best way to get FAT!

Remember leg warmers??  I won’t even touch that one.

If you’re exercising and /or eating the “same old way” and achieving  poor to no results, I can tell you right now, that 100% of what you BELIEVE and what you’ve been doing is causing, and will continue to cause, very disappointing results.

If what you’re thinking isn’t in line with what you are doing, you aren’t going to get the results you want.   

If you are still struggling with your Mind, Body & Nutrition basics, then we can get you on track to reach your goals in as little as 3 months.

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Just enter your information in the boxes below, and you'll start receiving all of your GOODIES mentioned above AND complete Over Forty, Fit & Fabulous Lifestyle Transformation Program details via email.


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Lisa Crisalle, CFNS
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